MA151 Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are questions that are NOT already in the documentation (syllabus, Getting Started List, etc.)

Last update: May 2022

In general, YES! This is an asynchronous course, so you do not need to be online at given times to watch a streaming lecture, for example. There are some time constraints in that you have to complete assignments, quizzes, and exams within certain time frames. Keep in mind that you cannot procrastinate for this course.

It would be EXTREMELY difficult. Viewing what I write on the whiteboard in the videos will be hard to see. Even worse, seeing the assignments and typing in the answers would be downright annoying on a phone or tablet unless you have a bluetooth keyboard. In an emergency, you probably could do some things on your smartphone but I wouldn't rely on it for the entire course.

I have heard that viewing the course and its videos through a browser on your smartphone works better than the Moodle app (?!?!).

Theoretically, yes, as long as you complete the assignments, quizzes, and exams. It comes down to communication with me in advance. You may want to work ahead and complete things before you leave or make sure you have good wi-fi AND TIME during your vacation to do what you need to do. The week of July 4 is "off" for catch-up, so if you are vacationing that week, that works out nicely (and have fun!)

In general, you should NOT use Internet Explorer (IE). Moodle should work on most, if not all, browswers as long as you have an up-to-date version and good internet connection (wired is always best). I will update this as I hear about any browser issues.

Technically, no. But in a regular class, you technically don't have to attend every class, either. The lessons on Moodle that contain the handouts, videos, and self checks are replacing your time in class, so you are responsible for the content.

If you are not already familiar with the material, it is VITAL for you to carefully go through the videos and examples we recorded. There are PDFs available for the examples for you to take notes on. Print them and take notes on these papers as you would in class. Some videos don’t have handouts (introductions or explaining content without an example) for which you may need your own paper.

We tried to make each video relatively short so you are not watching a 50 minute video! I think the longest video is about 12 minutes; most are 3-8 minutes long. I talk slowly because I'm writing as I talk (some would also say because I'm from the Midwest...) so if you're able to speed up the viewing, you may find 1.25x or even 1.5x speed useful. Remember, you can always pause and replay!

Previously I had one due date per week for everything. Too many students waited until that afternoon/evening to do the entire week's worth of work (videos, homework, and quiz). Remember, a regular semester is 14-15 weeks long and ours is 10 weeks long (11 if you include the July 4 break). Trying to cram in 1.5 weeks of work in one evening is TOO MUCH!! In addition, it was next to impossible to get much more difficult to get help from me or a tutor!

Thus I now stagger the due dates to be on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Mondays. Some of you have internships, others have evening jobs. I had a third-shift job one summer! No matter what your schedule, you will have to adjust accordingly to make sure you complete the homework and quizzes/exams on time. The beauty of an asynchronous course is this flexibility but it may be an adjustment for you at first.

There are multiple ways.

No. You can go directly to if you'd like - bookmark it!

The last day to withdraw from the course is posted on Moodle. If you are considering withdrawing, do not wait until the last minute as the procedure to withdraw can take some time, and some of the people involved may not be in the office that afternoon when you want them. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING WITHDRAWING.

Dr. Lisa Oberbroeckling
312 Knott Hall
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