Computational Mathematics - Fall 2017
MA 428: (MWF) 1:00-1:50 KH 005

This course, along with MA427, will emphasize the development of numerical algorithms to provide stable and efficient solutions to common problems in science and engineering. Topics to be covered include numerical integration and differentiation, initial value problems, two point boundary value problems, and partial differential equations.

Instructor:Dr.Prince Chidyagwai
Office: Knott Hall 301d
Phone: 410-617-2710
Office Hours: MTWF 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Course Materials

Course Syllabus

Course Text:

Numerical Methods: Design, Analysis and Computer Implementation by Greebaum & Chartier

MATLAB information:

Programming assignments will be done using MATLAB, a program produced by MathWorks. You have the following options to acess MATLAB at Loyola:
  1. Workspace: You can access MATLAB through Workspace from any Windows or MAC computer with internet access. Go to and login using your Loyola username and password. A MATLAB icon will be available in the "Academic Applications" folder.
  2. MATH-STAT computer lab (KH 318): The computers in KH 318 have MATLAB locally installed. You have card access to this lab.
  3. PURCHASE MATLAB: You can purchase a student version of MATLAB from Mathworks for $99. I highly recommend this option if you are considering going to graduate school or are interested in using MATLAB in the future.

MATLAB Tutorials:

Do not hesitate to email me if you have any difficulties installing or running MATLAB.

Assignments and Announcements: