Getting your webpages on the G-drive

Getting Started

  1. Within your G-drive, you should have a folder/directory "www". If not, create one.
  2. Within that folder, you should have a file "index.html". If not, put one there. You can use this one: basic index.html (right-click and "save link as"...) RENAME OR SAVE THE FILE AS index.html
  3. Once you have an "index.html" file in your www folder, follow the directions to create the appropriate folder(s) in which to copy the appropriate files for your project.


Having trouble viewing your published project? If you are getting something like "Page not found..." then you have the incorrect URL, you have your files in the incorrect place, or the files don't have the correct permissions/properties to be "viewable" by the public. THE URL IS DIFFERENT THAN THE FILEPATH! For example, here are what my filepaths and URL for when I published hw1ober.m within MATLAB would be

ORIGINAL FILEPATH OF M-FILE: file:///Volumes/dfs/G/loberbroeckling/www/loy1234567/ma302/hw1ober.m

FILEPATH: file:///Volumes/dfs/G/loberbroeckling/www/loy1234567/ma302/html/hw1ober.html


NOTE that the above filepaths may look different than yours; this is the filepath that appears on my MAC when I'm connected to the server that allows access to the G-drive.

After double-checking that you have the correct URL, and you are are still not able to view your project (you get an error like "unauthorized to view..."), it may be that your "www" folder may not be set-up correctly to view webpages, and thus the permissions/properties are incorrect. This is especially true if there is no "index.html" file within your "www" folder on the G-drive. Here's how to fix that:

  1. Save all files already within your "www" folder (and subsequent folders, like your assignment files) elsewhere.
  2. Delete the folders and files you've created within your "www" folder.
  3. You need a file called "index.html" within your "www" folder. You can use this one: basic index.html which you can right-click on the link and select "save link as" or you can select the code below, AND RENAME IT OR SAVE IT AS index.html within the "www" folder
    <!doctype html>
       <title>Basic webpage</title>
       This is a basic webpage.
  4. Recreate the folders you had and move the files back. NOTE: YOU MUST RECREATE THE FOLDERS, NOT MOVE THEM. Creating the folders after the "index.html" file is in the "www" folder will automatically set up the correct premissions/properties to view these webpages.
  5. If that still doesn't work, email me immediately so we can work with Technology Services to get it straightened out. On rare occasions, they need to reset the permissions on your account from the server side to make it work.