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Fridays 3pm
Date Room Speaker Title
2/04 Knott Hall B03 Dr. M. W. Barsoum, Ph.D.
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Drexel University
A Possible Partial Solution to the Mystery of the Great Pyramids of Egypt
2/25 Knott Hall B01 Dr. Timothy Mueller, Ph.D.
CIO of Dupont
Opportunities and Scientific Inventions at DuPont's Central Research and Development
4/8 Knott Hall B01 Dr. Robert Loughman
Department of Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at Hampton University
Atmospheric and Planetary Science Research at Hampton University
McGuire Hall Col. Timothy "T.J." Creamer
Loyola Class of 1982
Flight Engineer and NASA Science Officer on the International Space Station Expedition 22/2
From Loyola to Outer Space
Past Talks:
Fall 2010, Spring 2010, Fall 2009, Spring 2009, Fall 2008