MA151 Online Videos and PDFs

These were made to use in preparation for the MA151 Summer 2017 online course at Loyola University Maryland.

In the PDFs, Chapter 0 contains some review material but there are no associated videos. Note that there are videos of just introductory material that do not have associated content in the PDFs.

PDF of examples in videos

PDF of examples with solutions

Click on the appropriate chapter below to see links to the videos.

    1. What is a Function?
    2. Linear Functions
    3. Average Rate of Change and Relative Change
    4. Applications of Functions to Economics
    5. Exponential Functions
    6. The Natural Logarithm
    7. Exponential Growth and Decay
    1. Instantaneous Rate of Change
    2. The Derivative Function
    3. Interpretations of the Derivative
    4. The Second Derivative
    5. Marginal Cost and Revenue
    1. Derivative Formulas for Powers and Polynomials
    2. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    3. The Chain Rule
    4. The Product and Quotient Rules
    1. Local Maxima and Minima
    2. Inflection Points
    3. Global Maxima and Minima
    4. Profit, Cost, and Revenue
    5. Average Cost
    6. Elasticity of Demand
    1. Distance and Accumulated Change
    2. The Definite Integral
    3. The Definite Integral as Area
    4. Interpretations of the Definite Integral
    5. Total Change and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

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