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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Loyola University Maryland
If you're wondering how to pronounce my last name but are afraid to ask, my family pronounces it "o-burr-brek-ling".

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Loyola University Maryland
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Baltimore, MD 21210-2699
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Our school changed its name from "Loyola College in Maryland" to "Loyola University Maryland" and our department changed its name from "Mathematical Sciences" to "Mathematics and Statistics". I'm trying to correct the names, but please be patient while I do this.

I am an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Loyola University Maryland. I graduated with a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!) in June 2002 (I also received an M.S. in mathematics from the UO). My dissertation advisor is Bruce Barnes (picture) and my dissertation is titled "Generalized inverses in certain Banach algebras." My research interests include: operator theory, a subfield of functional analysis, and as you might guess from the title of my dissertation, Banach algebras and generalized inverses. I've also started working on research in numerical analysis, specifically in finite elements with Dr. Christos Xenophontos from the University of Cyprus.

I grew up in Dubuque, Iowa and attended the University of Iowa in Iowa City (GO HAWKEYES!) where I received a B.S. in mathematics. I worked as a research assistant at the Clinical Trials Data Management Center (now called the Clinical Trials Statistical & Data Management Center) before I moved to Eugene, Oregon for graduate school.

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