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MATLAB Information

Last updated: August 2015

This page will have basic information, links to other pages, and PDF documents that may be useful to you. Some information, including the talks I've given on teaching using MATLAB is found on the Teaching page.

DISCLAIMER: There are always changes to the OTS websites (Technology Services) and Citrix. I'm trying to update these pages as I notice the changes but I apologize in advance for outdated information being posted here.

Accessing MATLAB at Loyola:

  1. CONVENIENT: CITRIX. You can access MATLAB through Citrix from ANY computer with internet access. To access it, go to http://ctx.loyola.edu and login using your Loyola username and password. You can also access Citrix through "Anywhere Apps" from Inside Loyola. Once you login to Citrix, you will see folders and applications. Open the "Academic Applications" folder and you'll see MATLAB R2015a (or some other number/letter for a different version). Click on the MATLAB icon and off you go ...
  2. FASTER: MATH-STAT COMPUTER LAB. If you are finding that MATLAB on Citrix is slow (for example, running it on the wireless in the dorm room when many others are streaming Game of Thrones), head to the Math/Stat Computer Lab in 318 Knott Hall. MATLAB IS INSTALLED ON EACH COMPUTER so no need to use Citrix to access MATLAB. Also, these computers are not running over the wireless network, so will be even faster. All students enrolled in a MA/ST 200+ course has keycard access to the lab. If you don't, let me know right away to give you access.
  3. FASTEST: YOUR OWN MATLAB. You can by the student version of MATLAB for your own computer (if you have one). It is relatively inexpensive - about the same price or cheaper as a TI graphing calculator! The most basic version is just $49. The $99 version (I would suggest this one) comes with Simulink and 10 of the most popular addons. You can buy it from our bookstore or from The MathWorks Inc. If you're planning on either going to graduate school or taking more numerically intensive courses, then I would strongly consider buying it the $99 version.

Caution! WARNING: CITRIX DOESN'T WORK ON ALL BROWSWERS! To make things even more confusing, browsers that work with Citrix on a Windows PC do not necessarily work with Citrix on a Mac (and visa versa). Also, it is possible that the first time you run Citrix on your computer, you may have to install some client software on your machine. The easiest way to do this is if you go directly to ctx.loyola.edu and there will be a clear "INSTALL" button for you to press and start the installation.

Basic information to get started (by no means a complete list):

Some links:

  1. How to succeed in college math courses
  2. The Ten Commandments of Mathematics
  3. Common errors in undergrad math
  4. The MathWorks, Inc. (creators of MATLAB)
  5. Old online MATLAB Tutorials (U. of Michigan)

Dr. Lisa Oberbroeckling
312 Knott Hall
loberbro "at" loyola "dot" edu