Best Practices for Emailing and Uploading Files

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Updated January 2018

Remember to also look at Workspace Info for an overview of running MATLAB through Workspace.

While working on the assignment or project, save files in MATLAB to your G-drive. This allows you to work on the project from any computer on campus, or even away from campus as long as it has an internet connection. More importantly, these files are backed up every night.

Once done with the assignment or project, there are three ways to email or upload your file(s) that are on the G-drive.

  1. Copy ("Save as") the file(s) to the hard-drive of the computer. Then you should be able to easily find and select the file(s) to upload and/or to an email.
  2. Go to a computer on campus and logon. This gives you automatic access to the G-drive so you should be able to find and select the file(s) to upload and/or email.
  3. Figure out a way to access the G-drive from your computer. Go to Technology Services Page on G and H drives for information on how to access the G-drive from your own computer/laptop or off campus whether you have a PC or a MAC. Links to directions are at the bottom of page.


Navigating the network and folder/directory structure of Loyola can be challenging and frustrating at times, even when things are working perfectly. First off, anytime you're having trouble with MATLAB and/or Workspace, whether it is that you can't log on, or it seems to be hung, etc., you should contact Technology Services right away. You can call x5555 during regular office hours or you can email them the problem at The more information you can include in the email, the better they will be able to help you. If you need to contact them, also contact me. If you're calling 5555, email me ASAP also about your issue. Or, if you're sending them an email, copy me on the email. THE FIRST TIME I HEAR OF AN ISSUE SHOULD NOT BE THE DAY THE ASSIGNMENT OR PROJECT IS DUE, IT SHOULD BE AS IT HAPPENS.

If you're still having problems and the assignment or project due date and time is imminent, remember that I WILL NOT ACCEPT FILES IN WORD, OR ANY OTHER FORMAT OTHER THAN THE REQUESTED .M FILES AND .HTML FILES, etc. Here's what you can do:

Copy and paste the SCRIPT (.m) files in an email, after an explanation to me of what is going on. This allows me to copy/paste the commands right into MATLAB. Also include the links/URLs you are trying to work with for your assignment or project in the email. Include ALL appropriate m-files (script and/or function files) that are part of the assignment or proje t and issue. If I can't see the issue because of a missing file than I can't help you and/or grade the assignment or project appropriately.