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Publishing MATLAB files - LINKS

Viewing the m-files through the browser does NOT work nicely with Microsoft IE. Use another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Safari instead.

If you're reading this page, it's probably because you've been asked to "publish" your script file in MATLAB. To do this, you must format your .m file (for example, NAMED examplefile.m) in a specific way and put it in a specific location on your G-drive.

Document explaining publishing and formatting m-files for publishing in more detail

  1. LINK 1: basicMFile.html: Basic M File published before formatting

  2. LINK 2: publishMFile1.html: A few cells added to basic M-file

  3. LINK 3: publishMFile2.html: Title, introductory text added

  4. LINK 4: publishMFile3.html: Added section title

  5. LINK 5: publishMFile4.html: Examples of cell breaks for displaying output

  6. LINK 6: publishMFile5.html: Basic example of plots with pause command

  7. LINK 7: publishMFile5b.html: Modifying output of plots with cell breaks

  8. LINK 8: publishMFile6.html: Basic example of plots with figure command

  9. LINK 9: publishMFile6b.html: Modifying output of plots with figure command and cell breaks

  10. LINK 10: publishMFile7.html: Examples of formatting text

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Oberbroeckling
Office: 312 Knott Hall
Phone: 410-617-2516
Email: loberbro "at" loyola "dot" edu