MA 427
Numerical Analysis

Problem Sets
Week Due Date Problems
6 Fri Apr 11 HW 6
5 Wed Apr 2 HW 5
4 Fri Mar 21 Mon Mar 24 HW 4
3 Mon Feb 24 HW 3
2 Mon Feb 10 HW 2
1 Fri Jan 31 HW 1

Journal Topics
Topic Author
Bisection and Regula Falsi Julie
Newton's Method Maggie
Secant Method Emily
Lagrange Interpolation Ally
Newton Interpolation Olivia
Monomial Interpolation and Error Bounds Jessica
Piecewise Linear and Cubic Hermite Interpolation Vanessa
Splines Patrick
Topic Author
Trapezoid and Midpoint Quadrature Abdul
Simpson Quadrature Natalie
Composite Quadrature Steph
Orthogonal Polynomials Kevin
Gauss Quadrature Cameron
Quadrature Comparison Aleko