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Citrix (Anywhere Apps) Info

Updated February 2016

Accessing CITRIX: You have access to MATLAB, Maple and many other software products from any computer that has internet access (e.g. your dorm room, the Math Lab in KH 318, your parent's computer, etc) by using CITRIX. To access it, go to http://ctx.loyola.edu and log into Citrix using your Inside.Loyola username and password. You can also access it through the "Anywhere Apps" link on Inside Loyola. Once you login (which should be automatic if you go from the Inside Loyola page) you will see a folder "Academic Applications" and within that folder you will see a list of software, MATLAB being one of them. SINGLE-CLICK on the MATLAB icon and off you go ...

If you're using Citrix (Anywhere Apps) for the first time on your computer, you will have to download and install a file in order for it to run. CITRIX DOES NOT WORK WELL ON ALL BROWSERS. AS OF FEBRUARY 2016 ON A PC, IT WORKS BEST ON INTERNET EXPLORER. ON A MAC, IT WORKS BEST ON SAFARI. If you try to do this from the "Anywhere Apps" link on the inside.loyola.edu page, it is unclear how to do this especially if you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

Instead, if you go directly to ctx.loyola.edu and it should give you a clear "INSTALL" button for you to press and get what you need installed on your computer.

You should only have to do this once. Once installed, you should be able to run any of the software available through "Anywhere Apps" without a problem.

If you are experiencing problems, please talk to me and/or talk to the Technology Services Help Desk right away. If it is off hours, you can email the help desk at 5555@loyola.edu. You will want to copy me on the email so I know what is going on.

ALWAYS SAVE TO THE G-DRIVE! This drive is backed up EVERY NIGHT. Students that save work to their own computer do so at their own risk; if this is done, and the computer crashed unfortunately I cannot help you. You automatically have access to the G-drive through CITRIX. If you have files on the G-drive (which is HIGHLY advised), you must have access to the G-drive outside of CITRIX applications if you want to access them through Outlook, Blackboard or any other software. This can be done in several ways:

Using Citrix: Loyola's OTS website used to have manuals explaining Citrix but they have moved. Here are some links that may be useful:

OTS Applications
OTS Anywhere Apps page
January 9, 2011 "Anywhere Apps" (Citrix) upgrade explanation

I'll put the links here when I find more.

Dr. Lisa Oberbroeckling
312 Knott Hall
loberbro "at" loyola "dot" edu