Programming in Mathematics

Lectures: Sellinger Hall, Room 004
Tu,Th: 8-9:15
Instructor: Mili Shah(
Knott Hall 316D, x2724
Office Hours: Tu: 1-2pm or by appointment.
Participation: Please contribute to the classroom environment by asking questions and participating in discussions. Your interaction will be considered when assigning borderline grades, as will improving performance throughout the course of the semester.
Grading: 75% Problem Sets, 25% Final Project
Problem Sets: Generally, there will be a problem set due every Tuesday at 11:59pm. You are encouraged to discuss these assignments, but the final code must be entirely your own work. On the day that the assignment is due, a quiz may be given that will count as part of the problem set.
Late policy:No work will be accepted late without prior arrangement or a written excuse.
MATLAB:MATLAB can be accessed through Workspace. Alternatively, a student version can be bought through Mathworks.
Cell Phones: Cell phones are not permitted in class unless in off or silent mode. If a cell phone rings in class, your next homework will be deducted by 5%.
Disabilities: I will happily accommodate any needs you have based upon a disability that is registered with the office of Disability Support Services (DSS). You need to contact me ahead of time for this accommodation. You can contact DSS at 410-617-2062.
Topic Lecture Due
8 Last One 4/20
7 PDEs 4/11
6 Subfunctions
Some Student Examples
5 Functions 3/16
4 Convolutions 2/28
3 Animated GIFs
Some Student Examples
2 Loops 2/7
1 Introduction 1/24